Should Us Humans Really Be Eating Meat At All?

No. We don’t think humans should not stop eating meat.

BUT…… the important thing here is the quantity of meat that we eat & how we farm.

These two factors have a massive effect on the out put of GHGs, pollution and waste generated. Pasture raring is not only higher welfare and lower emissions and when ground unsuitable for crops is utilised it becomes a much better farming system. Producing food on land that would otherwise be rendered useless, increases our efficiency, maximised production and helps close the loop in our current food system. Systems that take into consideration the whole picture are vital to account for the costs other than financial. Measuring the efficiency & success of our system needs to be judged in a wider context than profit & loss sheet. This monetary orientated outlook is unsustainable and isn’t viable in the longterm, especially with an expanding world population increasing pressure on the planets resources. 

Addressing the western diet is another important issue, the quantity of meat in our diet needs to reduce dramatically and shift in favour of pasture rared, high quality & high welfare meat. Making up the loss in calories from meat in favour of vegetables, beans and pulses puts less pressure on the environment and benefits our heath immensely. Where as less developed countries need to increase their consumption of meat to aid with healthy balanced diets. Balance is the main word that strikes me when I think about this, it all needs to balance, and at the moment it doesn’t stack up. Removing meat from our diets, that also doesn’t stack up, not all areas are good for producing vegetables and grains in enough quantity to sustain us. There isn’t anything wrong with producing meat if its done n the right fashion, with a holistic approach rather than a simple profit & loss sheet, in that set up there is no accountability for poor animal welfare, loss of habitat, loss of bio diversity and arguably most importantly loss of respect for food. 


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