What’s in Season in Ireland in…

July marks the start of a season of abundance in Ireland, with the longer days, and thankful moments of sunshine encouraging some of our favourite crops.

While plentiful local produce becomes available it’s the perfect time to indulge in the fresh tastes of Summer. It’s also a great time to start preserving any gluts for use later in the year. So you can expect some recipes for pickles, jams, cordials and the likes from us over the next couple of months!

What’s in Season in Ireland in July?


New Season Potatoes


Nothing beats the smell of a fresh tomato. If you’re yet to experience a tomato fresh off the vine, with minimal travel time – then you are seriously missing out.


The forever friend of the backyard grower. It’s hard not to love the courgette plant – for its amicable, easy to grow character – and culinary versatility. Grate them. Peel them into ribbons. Slice, layer and bake them. Be extra trendy and spiralize them. Scoop the seeds out of the bigger courgettes and stuff them. Or pickle and preserve them for enjoyment later in the year.

Fancy trying something new? Jonny’s Summer Courgette and Quinoa Fritters are a great place to start.


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